October 20

Learn a New Dance

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There are many different dances out there that you could learn from street dance to tap, jazz and modern dance, but how about looking out for those not so well known dances, dances that a lot of people may never have heard of.
For example wheelchair dancing, a relatively new form of dance that’s hitting many countries. This is where disabled people in wheelchairs dance with able bodied people, this could be sequence dancing or more traditional dances like the waltz, this is amazing to watch and even more fun to have a go as well!

October 10

Theme Park Fun

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The high speed rides that scare and thrill have to be visited at least once in your lifetime! The adrenaline rush as you’re going from side to side up and down being thrown all over the place on the roller coasters, there’s always the log flumes, the tea cups and rides and novelty characters around the park for the younger riders! Disneyland and Europapark (Germany) are just two of the brilliant theme parks out there to visit!

October 2

When in Rome

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"Colosseum"Rome is an amazing city to visit with so much to see. The Colosseum is a must to visit as is the Pantheon , the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain. The Vatican is also a major tourist attraction guarded by the swiss guards in their brightly coloured uniforms. Along the cobbled streets are cafes and quaint restaurants, so whether you want a coffee, an ice cream or to taste that lovely Italian food, they have it all!

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September 29

Write your Own Play

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Why not let your creative side out and try writing a play, you could surprise yourself at how easily the words will spill out. You could write a long or a short play and when you’re done you could see if it could be performed somewhere. There are lots of Theatre’s you could contact which may be interested or if you’re a student there are societies at University where you can write and direct your own play, so why not give it a go and see what your play looks like off the page!

September 13

Be part of a World Record Attempt!

Wouldn’t be an achievement and such a memory to be part of a world record attempt in your lifetime! There are chances that your record would be beaten afterwards, or also a chance that you don’t quite beat the current record, but still the event itself would be a lot of fun! Have a look at world records that you think you could attempt, or even better that a group of you could attempt. Getting a lot of people together to beat a record would be a lot of fun and you could even turn it into an event with stalls and certificates for everyone that took part in the record! If you know of a world record event in your area, you could always join in with that! Why not help as a marshall for the day helping the people get where they need to be and registering them for the record and checking they meet the regulations!

September 7

The Exotic Doesn’t Have To Be Far

Ever wanted to see what it’s like in a rainforest? See all the exotic plants and how different food begin like Cocoa? You don’t need to travel all the way to the amazon to get a rough idea. There may be a garden centre near you with all the exotic plants and humid temperatures, that to walk around it would feel like you are in the rainforest itself! If you like what you see, you could always save up from there to see what an actual rainforest is like and the animals that live within it!

September 1


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""If you ever get the chance, Devon is an amazing place to visit. It is very different from London, so you could get a completely different view of what England can be like! Beaches galore, you can have a go at surfing, take a boat trip or have fun building sandcastles and swimming in the sea! There’s rivers for canoeing and kayaking, many a campsite, and many a country/coastal walk. There’s beautiful views, and many attractions as well from Paignton zoo to Babbacombe Model Village, to Crealey and Woodlands adventure parks.  There’s Pecorama model trains you could visit. With caves, castles and gardens, farms and waterparks, and plenty of choice for extreme activity seakers, there is plenty to fill a holiday, and a lot of variety to experience! Don’t forget to try a Devonshire Cream Tea while you are there!

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August 28


Something to try is paintball. Make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as despite being given overalls or similar at the site there may be a lot of mud! Also don’t forget a hat as although helmets are provided to protect the head sometimes paint still splatters through…Got the helmet the overalls and the paintballs, you’re ready to begin.

 A lot of paintball sites have several different environments for the games to take place. Just spot someone wearing a different coloured arm band to you, aim and fire, and hope for the best!  I also found hiding to be key! There are usually tasks to complete within the time period too such as to take over as much territory as you can or to make sure that a certain object or person reaches their destination in time and safely, as well as being the team still alive at the end!

Remember if you are shot with a paintball (and it’s not unlimited lifelines) or if you want to exit the game to hold your arms well above your head so people do not aim at you while you are exiting! It’s a lot of fun and there is a lot of adrenaline during the game to help. You are likely to find though a few hours after you have finished playing to be bruised from the paintballs…but the experience and the memories will last a lot longer then the bruises!

August 17

Lock In

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Why not try this for a fundraising idea to raise money for charity. If you are part of a business, you could ask your boss to take part, where he or she needs to raise the bail to be allowed to leave the workplace at the end of the day! If you want to be even more imaginative, you could set up your own DIY cell (check you have permission for the land it will be placed on first), you could ask the local mayor or a celebrity in the area to be in the cell, with people running around asking people for money for the bail for the person to be released! It’s a bit of fun, and an easy way to earn some money for charity, if you haven’t raised the bail amount you were hoping for within a couple of hours, don’t forget to let the person out anyway!