September 13

Be part of a World Record Attempt!

Wouldn’t be an achievement and such a memory to be part of a world record attempt in your lifetime! There are chances that your record would be beaten afterwards, or also a chance that you don’t quite beat the current record, but still the event itself would be a lot of fun! Have a look at world records that you think you could attempt, or even better that a group of you could attempt. Getting a lot of people together to beat a record would be a lot of fun and you could even turn it into an event with stalls and certificates for everyone that took part in the record! If you know of a world record event in your area, you could always join in with that! Why not help as a marshall for the day helping the people get where they need to be and registering them for the record and checking they meet the regulations!

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Posted Tuesday, 13th September, 2011 by Anna Hardiman in category "Just For Fun

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