December 3

The Romantic City of Paris

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"EiffelParis is one of those cities that everyone needs to visit. The view from the Eiffel Tower over Paris is beautiful, you can take romantic walks by the river, sample French Delicacies, cheese and wine/champagne. Don’t forget to visit Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Louvre to see famous art work including the Mona Lisa. If all of this isn’t enough, Paris also has Disneyland and Parc Asterix for the kids (or the inner kid in you)!

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October 2

When in Rome

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"Colosseum"Rome is an amazing city to visit with so much to see. The Colosseum is a must to visit as is the Pantheon , the Spanish steps and the Trevi Fountain. The Vatican is also a major tourist attraction guarded by the swiss guards in their brightly coloured uniforms. Along the cobbled streets are cafes and quaint restaurants, so whether you want a coffee, an ice cream or to taste that lovely Italian food, they have it all!

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September 1


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""If you ever get the chance, Devon is an amazing place to visit. It is very different from London, so you could get a completely different view of what England can be like! Beaches galore, you can have a go at surfing, take a boat trip or have fun building sandcastles and swimming in the sea! There’s rivers for canoeing and kayaking, many a campsite, and many a country/coastal walk. There’s beautiful views, and many attractions as well from Paignton zoo to Babbacombe Model Village, to Crealey and Woodlands adventure parks.  There’s Pecorama model trains you could visit. With caves, castles and gardens, farms and waterparks, and plenty of choice for extreme activity seakers, there is plenty to fill a holiday, and a lot of variety to experience! Don’t forget to try a Devonshire Cream Tea while you are there!

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June 12

Go To A Concert Or Festival In Another Country

This is definitely something to try in your lifetime.  A lot of people can say they’ve been to concerts or festivals in their own country but how many people do you know who have been to a concert or festival abroad? It would definitely be a start to an interesting conversation!

Brest 2008As well as hearing music you may not have heard before, you can be part of a totally different atmosphere. For example I went to Carhaix Festival in France surrounded by people speaking French and a completely different atmosphere to what it would be like in England. I also went to the boat festival in Brest that happens every 4 years with boats from all over the world and entertainment and stalls from many different parts of the world.

Next time you’re thinking of going on holiday look up any concerts and festivals in the country around that time and see what you think!

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December 28


Spain is a lovely break from a busy schedule. A chance to enjoy the sun and the beaches. You can sunbathe and enjoy a book, play in the water or even build a sandcastle! Costa Brava has a long stretch of beach and many lovely hotels. It is also only a few hours by train away from Barcelona. Always worth a day trip to have a look around Barcelona and do some shopping! Don’t forget to try the typical spanish food and drinks, tapas and sangria is a brilliant reason to visit this country!

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November 15

Revisit your Family’s Past

Ever wondered what it was like where your parents or grandparents grew up? Where they lived? The school that they went to? Even the culture that they grew up in?

Why not look into where your parents and family came from and visit it for yourself. You may find that you learn a lot about yourself from looking at where your family lived. The home they used to live in and the area, where your grandparents got married, maybe even visiting the exact room where one of your parents was born.

Seeing for yourself where your family came from can make you realise how they lived and the influences they had which contributed to the person that they are today.

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October 31


India is an amazing place and a must to visit. There is a totally different culture to see as well as many attractions. Within Delhi there are many Forts and Temples such as the Red Fort and the Lotus Temple. If staying in Delhi, Agra is worth a day trip to visit the Taj Mahal in all it’s glory.

If travelling around the north, Dharamsala will show you another culture with the Dalai Lama’s residence and many Tibetan’s living nearby. Also if you want to steer away from the biggest city Shimla is a lovely place up in the hills and a bit cooler with less attention. There is also Jakhoo Temple well worth a visit, honouring the monkey, so it is one of the places that has the most wild monkeys around the area. Chandigarh is also a lovely area with rockgardens well worth a visit, with many statues made out of recycled materials such as bracelets.

 Amritsar is also a must if you have the time, the Golden Temple is beautiful, and being on the border of Pakistan you could watch a procession at the end of the day between the Indian and Pakistani guards before they take they flags down at the border.  There are so many things to see and try, and in your travels you could find out interesting things you didn’t know before!

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May 29

Move House

I think during your lifetime it important to live in more then one place. That way you can get to see what it is like to live in other places, either within the same country where there are vast differences between villages and cities, or to different countries, where you could see what it is like to live in different cultures. You can get to know different people and see different places, and it could be a whole new experience to have!

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May 14

Trip Down the Fjords

Norway is an amazing country to visit, and you must take a trip down the fjords in your lifetime! The sights are amazing and you could always take the railway back after the fjord trip, the Flam railway is one of the most scenic in Europe! While in Norway why not also visit Bergen, a lovely place surrounded by mountains that you can take cable cars, and fernicular trains to the top for walks and amazing views! Bergen also has tour buses to see the area, and there is a brilliant aquarium nearby with very playful seals! With all the buildings with wooden panels, you’re sure to be taking lots of photos and have an enjoyable trip!

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March 24


One of the places to visit in your lifetime is London. There are so many attractions to visit from the Royal Palace to the London Dungeons. Don’t forget to take a ride on the London Eye where you can see views of London and spot some of the attractions including the Big Ben, Houses of Parliament and the Tower Bridge. There are many museums including the natural history museum, and art galleries like the Tate Modern. If you like shopping then Oxford Street is a brilliant place to visit as well as Camden Market and Convent Gardens. There is also lots of entertainment with plays in the West End, and Shakespeare’s Globe also open along the Thames showing his plays, which is well worth a visit!

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