October 20

Learn a New Dance

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There are many different dances out there that you could learn from street dance to tap, jazz and modern dance, but how about looking out for those not so well known dances, dances that a lot of people may never have heard of.
For example wheelchair dancing, a relatively new form of dance that’s hitting many countries. This is where disabled people in wheelchairs dance with able bodied people, this could be sequence dancing or more traditional dances like the waltz, this is amazing to watch and even more fun to have a go as well!

September 29

Write your Own Play

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Why not let your creative side out and try writing a play, you could surprise yourself at how easily the words will spill out. You could write a long or a short play and when you’re done you could see if it could be performed somewhere. There are lots of Theatre’s you could contact which may be interested or if you’re a student there are societies at University where you can write and direct your own play, so why not give it a go and see what your play looks like off the page!

June 24

Write a Poem

Write a poem, it’s a great way to let out how you feel onto paper, and it will make you feel a lot better too! Whether declaring your feelings for someone, writing about an event or way of life, or getting out any bad feelings. It’s a great way for showing people what’s going through your mind at that present time. The poem doesn’t have to be serious it could also be a little rhyme to make someone laugh. So put that pen to paper and discover your creative side!

May 29

See A Show In The Westend Or On Broadway

I live in a very remote part of England and seeing shows in London is a completely different experience. There is also so much choice so whatever you’re interested in there is something to suit you!

The Lion King is absolutely amazing, as is Les Miserables. Legally Blonde has recently appeared in the Westend as well as Sister Act and Wicked. Big shows that if you look carefully online you could get at decent prices! Also if you ever get a chance to see a show on Broadway, it would also be an amazing experience!

February 23

Learn Ballroom And Latin Dance

Latin DanceLearning to dance is so much fun, you could learn with a partner or friends, learn for competitions or for that very first dance as a married couple.

Lots of places like leisure centres offer lessons, and some restaurants and bars sometimes advertise salsa nights.  There are also many DVDs out there showing you how to learn different dances. So whether you would like the learn the cha cha, waltz or jive there is somewhere you can learn!

January 29

Design your Own Card

Be creative and design your own card, it could be for any occasion from a wedding anniversary, birthdays and Christmas to Easter to celebrations of results or driving tests.  Or it could just be a random card to tell someone you are thinking of them. You will be surprised how easy it is, you could use paints or coloured pencils, glitter and fabrics and materials, or you could event cross stitch a design and attach it to a card. The person the card is aimed for will be so happy by the effort involved.

December 12

Perform in a Play

What an achievement to say you’ve performed in a play! It may seem scary at points particularly on stage, opening night with the adrenaline rush. But at the end you’ll be really proud you’ve done it and would have made some good friends from all the rehearsals and time spent together! Once the play’s done you could also celebrate with an after performance party! Don’t forget to get friends and family to see you and take photos or a film so you can remember your time on stage!

December 3

Invent Something

In your life why not invent something, come up with something completely new or an adaptation of something that already exists that could be improved! You could invent something that could make everyday life easier, a new game, or something just for special occasions, something just for a bit of fun! Have a little think, brainstorm some ideas and go from there, who knows what you could come up with!  Who knows, if your idea catches on, it could become a business for you to sell and find a way to mass produce your product, or you could attend craft fayres etc to see how you get on and if people like your product! What I came up with…now that would be telling!

November 10

Wine Tasting

Learning how to taste wine is very interesting. There are books you could learn from or quick and easy workshops where they tell you and show you what to look for in the wine in terms of what you can see, what you can smell and what you can taste. All of this can help you determine elements of the wine, the acidity, the age, the alcoholic content, the sweetness or sourness and so on. Once you’ve learnt this after the workshop there are wines from all over the world you could try, don’t forget to note down the ones that you like! Once you’ve learnt you could always try a wine tasting evening at your own home!

August 12

Design Your Own Ceramics

Why not be imaginative and artistic and design your own cup and saucer or plates and bowls. There’s so much choice of pottery you could even design your own vase or model. There’s many ceramic studios where you can paint your own and they will finish it off and varnish it for you so you can take it home and keep it! What a lovely item to display in your house, or to use on a day to day basis!