August 17

Lock In

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Why not try this for a fundraising idea to raise money for charity. If you are part of a business, you could ask your boss to take part, where he or she needs to raise the bail to be allowed to leave the workplace at the end of the day! If you want to be even more imaginative, you could set up your own DIY cell (check you have permission for the land it will be placed on first), you could ask the local mayor or a celebrity in the area to be in the cell, with people running around asking people for money for the bail for the person to be released! It’s a bit of fun, and an easy way to earn some money for charity, if you haven’t raised the bail amount you were hoping for within a couple of hours, don’t forget to let the person out anyway!

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Posted Wednesday, 17th August, 2011 by Anna Hardiman in category "Just For Fun", "Volunteering

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