August 28


Something to try is paintball. Make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as despite being given overalls or similar at the site there may be a lot of mud! Also don’t forget a hat as although helmets are provided to protect the head sometimes paint still splatters through…Got the helmet the overalls and the paintballs, you’re ready to begin.

 A lot of paintball sites have several different environments for the games to take place. Just spot someone wearing a different coloured arm band to you, aim and fire, and hope for the best!  I also found hiding to be key! There are usually tasks to complete within the time period too such as to take over as much territory as you can or to make sure that a certain object or person reaches their destination in time and safely, as well as being the team still alive at the end!

Remember if you are shot with a paintball (and it’s not unlimited lifelines) or if you want to exit the game to hold your arms well above your head so people do not aim at you while you are exiting! It’s a lot of fun and there is a lot of adrenaline during the game to help. You are likely to find though a few hours after you have finished playing to be bruised from the paintballs…but the experience and the memories will last a lot longer then the bruises!

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Posted Sunday, 28th August, 2011 by Anna Hardiman in category "Outdoors

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