December 22

Fun in the Snow

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Seeing snow and making the most of it is something you have to do…snowball fights, walks through the snow admiring the scenery, making a snowman, even clearing the drive!

November 23

Hold A Bird Of Prey

It’s quite an experience when out for the day with family and friends to see a bird show. Some of the birds of prey can do some very clever things distinguishing between different colours and different objects, finding items under cups and so on. During these shows often a member (or several members) of the audience will be asked if they are happy to either hold a stand or wear a glove for the bird to land on, for example an owl. Sometimes it will be coaxed with some food! To have a bird that close to you, you can really admire it’s beauty, and you can learn a lot too! Give it a go!

September 7

The Exotic Doesn’t Have To Be Far

Ever wanted to see what it’s like in a rainforest? See all the exotic plants and how different food begin like Cocoa? You don’t need to travel all the way to the amazon to get a rough idea. There may be a garden centre near you with all the exotic plants and humid temperatures, that to walk around it would feel like you are in the rainforest itself! If you like what you see, you could always save up from there to see what an actual rainforest is like and the animals that live within it!

August 28


Something to try is paintball. Make sure you wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty as despite being given overalls or similar at the site there may be a lot of mud! Also don’t forget a hat as although helmets are provided to protect the head sometimes paint still splatters through…Got the helmet the overalls and the paintballs, you’re ready to begin.

 A lot of paintball sites have several different environments for the games to take place. Just spot someone wearing a different coloured arm band to you, aim and fire, and hope for the best!  I also found hiding to be key! There are usually tasks to complete within the time period too such as to take over as much territory as you can or to make sure that a certain object or person reaches their destination in time and safely, as well as being the team still alive at the end!

Remember if you are shot with a paintball (and it’s not unlimited lifelines) or if you want to exit the game to hold your arms well above your head so people do not aim at you while you are exiting! It’s a lot of fun and there is a lot of adrenaline during the game to help. You are likely to find though a few hours after you have finished playing to be bruised from the paintballs…but the experience and the memories will last a lot longer then the bruises!

April 29

Bowling and Quasar

A fun thing to do with family or friends is bowling. It’s a great way to spend a day or evening, especially with some light competition! Do you think you could get the highest score?

Why not also have a go at Quasar/ Laser Quest. It’s great fun and again competitive see if you can get a high score in shooting the other team the most. You could always hide and sneak up on th other team, just don’t scream when being chased or shot as it will alert everyone else where you are!

April 10

Golfing Fun!

Why not have a go at craaaazy golf! For this kind of golf you don’t need to be able to hit the ball really far and need a bag to carry all your golf clubs. It’s a course in a small space with different obstacles to get your ball around for each hole! See if you can manage to get a hole in one! Some of these courses will be painted bright coloured and themed. For example a pirate theme, you may be able to spot pirate statues around the course, a shipwreck and water flying in the air every so often with the sound of a canon! Fun for all the family, or with friends!

March 17


Why not try rowing or driving a speedboat! If rowing you could take it in turns and it could work well as a romantic date, or if choosing the speed boat option everyone can sit back and enjoy the view! Make sure before you leave the harbour though that you are able to start the engine yourself. In a situation where the driver of the speed boat moves away from the wheel (the key is attached to a band round their leg) then the engine will stop. If unable to restart the engine you’ll be in for quite a time!

March 9

See an Eclipse

Something you must see at least once in your lifetime is an eclipse. Where, during the day you can see the sun being covered over by the moon as it passes infront of the sun, producing darkness for a short time. For this event make sure you are somewhere where you can get a good view of the occurance, like up high on a hill where nothing can block what you see. It is a spectacular thing to see! Don’t forget to look up when your next one is!

February 8

Rickshaw Ride

In your lifetime you must try a rickshaw ride. It’s a great way to travel around the back streets of a country and get a glimpse of what life is like for the locals off the beaten track, where tourists do not usually travel. It could be a bumpy ride though so make sure you hold on tight to the rickshaw as well as your bag!