November 23

Firework frenzy

To watch fireworks is an amazing sight. To attend a display with everyone saying oo and ahh, although it may hurt your neck after a while! You could even have your own display in your garden lighting the fireworks and running quickly away so that you are a safe distance away from the firework! Sparkles are always fun too! The noises the fireworks make as they light up the sky is a not a memory you will forget!

October 27

Watch the Sun Set and the Sun Rise

A lot of people have seen the sun set or the sun rise at somepoint in their daily lives. But who has stopped to take the time to admire its beauty, cuddle up with a loved one or made it a significant part of an event like a beach party or camping. To stay up as well after the sun has set until the sun rises again, how many of you have done this? All nighters can be tough sometimes but they can also be a lot of fun, for example you could do it at New Year!

October 7

Build a Giant Sandcastle

With or without the sun, the beach is a great place to go to with plenty to do such as running into the sea, surfing and swimming and of course making the most of the sand. I’m sure most of us if not all have made a sandcastle before, but who has made a giant sandcastle? A massive one where the mould has not been bought from shops? Why not attempt it, see how big a sandcastle you can make! You could add a drawbridge and a moat, you could decorate your castle with shells and sticks from the beach, you could even give your castle a flag! When something takes a long time to make, it seems so much more of an achievement when you finish it and see the result of all your hard work!

October 5

Ride a Scooter

Ever had a ride on a scooter? In another country zipping through the caos of cars it can be pretty daunting so hold on tight!

It’s a good way to see first hand how the traffic works within a certain country though as you pass it by. Seeing how in different countries honking and indicating can mean different things, and how in some countries there are crowds of cars with no clear lanes so the traffic jam may last a while!

September 22

Sleep Out For A Night

Sleeping OutYou won’t need a tent for this activity! There are so many people living on the streets due to lots of circumstances. There are charities that try to help these people but like every charity they need funding and donations. So how about gathering together friends or collegues together for a night out to see what it is like to sleep rough and to raise sponsorship to do this activity.

Some of the homeless charities once a year do a mass sleep out to raise money so you can join in with them, if you cannot find a group to join contact your local council or district government to see if they are happy to give you a permit for this activity.

Wrap up warm and don’t forget a snuggly sleeping bag and a thermos’s with hot drinks and soup, it’s bound to be a cold night!

August 20

Toboggan Run

In your lifetime you need to have a go on a toboggan run, it’s so much fun!!! Going along the track and around the corners as fast or as slow as you want. Be careful though to not go too fast around the corners, you don’t want to fall off or loose anything! If you really like it, you could always have another go! If going with family or friends think about the order you go in though, if one of the people with you loves speed make sure you’re not infront of them!!

August 17

Tour A Lighthouse

In your lifetime why not visit a lighthouse! There are many different types all over the place and they serve, or did serve a very important purpose! They make for brilliant photos from the outside and inside. From the top of the spiralling staircases you would get a brilliant view of the surrounding areas. Inside you would also be able to get a feel of what it would be like to work and live in one of them. Where they sleep, how they eat and so on, as well as finding out many interesting facts about the lighthouse along the way!

August 3


Henna, also known as Mendi is an amazing thing to watch being done, and one simply must try it themselves. It is difficult at times to keep the hands still and fingers apart while the design is intricately placed on the front and back of your hands. It is amazing how many different varieties of designs can be put on and the steadiness of the persons hands as they do not make a mistake. Afterwards is a long waiting process as you cannot touch anything with your hands for a few hours as your hands dry, and lemon is applied to the design. The longer it is left on, the darker the colour will be on your hands. When it is dry you can either wait for it to fall off or lightly wash it off for the design underneath to appear. The design usually lasts for up to a week.

June 23

Milk A Cow

During your lifetime, why not visit a farm. You could just visit for the day or for a few days. See how the farm operates, and have a go yourself. Would be a break with a difference! Have a go at milking a cow while you are there, you’d be surprised at how easy it actually is! Early mornings collecting the eggs, feeding the animals, walks in the countryside…definately a must to try out!

June 13

Ever Thought Of A Walking Or A Canoeing Expedition?

CanoeingWalking or canoeing for 4 days or more with camping in between really makes you realise how much you appreciate your warm bed at home. Waiting half an hour for a stove to boil water makes you realise how much quicker your hob, microwave or oven is at home! But also, the thought of getting through those few days when you thought you wouldn’t manage it is also such an achievement! There are also many expeditions abroad that you could join in just a few clicks!