September 22

Sleep Out For A Night

Sleeping OutYou won’t need a tent for this activity! There are so many people living on the streets due to lots of circumstances. There are charities that try to help these people but like every charity they need funding and donations. So how about gathering together friends or collegues together for a night out to see what it is like to sleep rough and to raise sponsorship to do this activity.

Some of the homeless charities once a year do a mass sleep out to raise money so you can join in with them, if you cannot find a group to join contact your local council or district government to see if they are happy to give you a permit for this activity.

Wrap up warm and don’t forget a snuggly sleeping bag and a thermos’s with hot drinks and soup,¬†it’s bound to be a cold night!

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Posted Wednesday, 22nd September, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Outdoors

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