August 3


Henna, also known as Mendi is an amazing thing to watch being done, and one simply must try it themselves. It is difficult at times to keep the hands still and fingers apart while the design is intricately placed on the front and back of your hands. It is amazing how many different varieties of designs can be put on and the steadiness of the persons hands as they do not make a mistake. Afterwards is a long waiting process as you cannot touch anything with your hands for a few hours as your hands dry, and lemon is applied to the design. The longer it is left on, the darker the colour will be on your hands. When it is dry you can either wait for it to fall off or lightly wash it off for the design underneath to appear. The design usually lasts for up to a week.

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Posted Tuesday, 3rd August, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Outdoors

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