February 3


Why not try caving! Get a group of you together with an instructor and it’s a lot of fun. All you need is some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and a hard hat with a light to see your way. The instructor will know which gaps the groups can fit through so, even though the holes seem small it’s amazing where you can fit through!! This activity is not for the claustrophobic though as at times there is little to no space between you and the sides of the cave. After the activity you can always jump in a river to wash off all the mud from your clothes!

January 30

Give Blood

Such a worthy thing to do in your lifetime if you’re able to.

Just walk into a drop in centre when there is a blood run or you could book an appointment in advance online.

A voluntary exercise for those of you that believe homosexual people should be allowed to also give blood – instead of refusing to give blood yourself, why not go into the centre, donate blood and tell them that you are doing it for all those that cannot.

January 26

Design your Own T-shirt

Why not be creative and design your own tshirt. You could design it for a special occasion like a birthday, hen or stag do or an anniversary, or you could design one just for fun! Get some friends round to design their own t-shirts as well! If it’s for a special occasion it would be all the more memorable spending it in t-shirts you’ve all designed yourself, great for photographs as well! If your feeling really creative you could design an entire outfit from hat to shoes!

January 4

New Years Resolutions

Every year we tell ourselves that we will get fit, loose weight or stop habits like eating a particular food, smoking or drinking. Very few of us actually manage to last a whole year though. Wouldn’t it be a brilliant achievement in life to actually make that resolution last a whole year!

December 24

Tis The Season To Be Singing

Why not try Carol Singing? It’s a festive way to enjoy the Christmas Season you could go with family and friends to sing to neighbours or you could join a carol service in your local area! If you’re not too keen on Carols there’s plenty of other Christmas songs and there is always karaoke to try! Are you brave enough to sing solo?

December 18

The Magical Heart Of Europe

Interlaken, SwitzerlandVisiting Switzerland is an absolute must during anybody’s lifetime. The mountainous scenery will simply leave you breathless and don’t forget, the chocolate is amazing!

When visiting Switzerland, be sure to visit somewhere magical like Interlaken. This lovely Swiss town is perfectly nestled between two stunning glacier lakes and completely surrounded by the alps. Fine dining and activities are plentiful and everyone is bound to have a great time. If you’re visiting the cities, be sure to visit Bern, the Swiss capital or take a trip to the historical city of Luzern.

Make sure you also give the famous Swiss railways a go. They run like clockwork and the routes provide fantastic coverage of this incredible country!

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December 10

Learn Sign Language

A useful language to learn is sign language, which can help you to communicate with many people either with hearing difficulties, those with trouble with speech, or children before they have learnt to speak. Some of the signs could also assist with understanding when on holiday in other countries and you don’t know the language!

A lot of colleges do evening courses for you to learn sign language so check out if you could learn somewhere near you!

November 30

Volunteer With Disabled Children

Probably number 1 on my bucket list! There are lots of groups where people can volunteer with children with disabilities such as after school clubs, weekends (either one to one with a child or as a group), or during holidays.

This volunteering could include assisting with art and craft activities, baking or inventing games for the children to play, or it could include helping them on outings such as swimming, surfing, going to the park or zoo and teaching them how to care for ponys. You will end up enjoying the day as much as the child/ children you are supporting!

If you are interested in helping you could search online for volunteering opportunities in your area or contact your local council or district government.