January 23

Bungee Jump

Doing a bungee jump whether 160 foot or 300 is a very scary experience. With your harness attached and your feet strapped together you are lifted up in the crane. You are weighed a couple of times so that the correct bungee cord is attached. Watching over people jump you think it’s not too bad and it looks fun. But when told to jump from the top it doesn’t seem so easy! But when pushed by an instructor at the top and falling and bouncing it is fun! It’s like a ride in a theme park, its not so scary! Your head may hurt a little at the end but you will definately feel the adrenaline racing as you are safely place on the ground.

July 24

Climbing and Abseiling

After all that effort climbing to great heights, there’s no better feeling them abseiling back down. It’s surprising how it takes so long to climb and is then only a few jumps to the ground. If you want to skip the climbing part there are sometimes options to just abseil after you’ve walked to the top. There is quite an adrenaline rush as you lean off the edge of the top but you’ll be proud you’ve managed to do it. Climbing and abseiling can also be done whatever the weather, when it’s sunny there are outdoor rocks and cliffs, if it’s raining there are always fake indoor rocks. It make seem scary but with all the ropes even if you panic and slip, a qualified climber will be with you holding the other end of that rope so you can catch you breath before carrying on again when you feel able to.

May 14

Indoor Skydiving!

Something you need to try in your lifetime is indoor skydiving! It gives you the thrill of what it would be like when you are free falling through the sky, often for longer then during a real skydive! Make no assumptions though, indoor skydiving isn’t floating and it takes a lot of work to stay in the air. Posture has a lot to do with how high you can get, whether you manage to stay in the air or fall to the ground and whether you manage to stay in the same space or move around. There will be an instructor and a video you can watch first so that you learn what you need to. Then when trying it out for yourself the instructor will help you to gain the correct position before releasing you. The instructor will then give you signs such as to relax, straighten your legs, to move your arms into the correct position, to raise your head etc, so that you get the optimum of your experience without reaching the ground too many times. Often you can buy photros or a video of your experience afterwards to that you can remember you experience and just how hard it was!

December 6

Plummet Through The Skies

SkydivingNot for those afraid of heights but skydiving is an amazing experience! Free falling through the sky, before the parachute is released and you shoot upwards before gradually floating to the ground! It takes about half an hour to get up there and under 10 minutes to get back down!

The experience on average costs about £295 for the one jump tandem (attached to an experienced person so they can release the parachute and you’re just there for the ride!). You could also do a skydive for charity, a lot of companies online have the option where you can say you are raising money for a certain charity. A great way to raise money at the same time!

October 22

Quad Biking

The thrill of speeding along the dirt track, the worry at swerving around the corners is all part of the joy of quad biking. There are different quad bikes for adults and children, and naturally helmets are a must! It’s amazing how quickly you get used to the quad bike though and are happily whizzing around trying to stop familiar faces getting past you and trying to overtake others. It’s a lot of fun but it doesn’t hurt to be a bit cautious and slow down at corners so not to overshoot and end up in the wrong place!

September 10

Shoot Through Those Rapids

Rafting in AustriaEver thought of white water rafting? It sounded pretty scary to me too at first! Rafting through those rapids, but actually it’s really fun.

There will always be someone on the raft in charge, you’ll all have buoyancy aids and you’ll also get a chance to practice what happens if you fall out of the raft before you properly get going. You’ll all help steering with the oars and could have some fun activities during the day such as all trying to stay stood up on one left in the raft!

Still scared? Thought not so give it a go!

August 23

Fly A Plane

Lots of websites advertise flying experiences and flying lessons, definitely something to tick off on your list of things to do. To actually control a plane and even learn some tricks would make for an amazing experience!

February 3


Why not try caving! Get a group of you together with an instructor and it’s a lot of fun. All you need is some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty and a hard hat with a light to see your way. The instructor will know which gaps the groups can fit through so, even though the holes seem small it’s amazing where you can fit through!! This activity is not for the claustrophobic though as at times there is little to no space between you and the sides of the cave. After the activity you can always jump in a river to wash off all the mud from your clothes!