May 14

Indoor Skydiving!

Something you need to try in your lifetime is indoor skydiving! It gives you the thrill of what it would be like when you are free falling through the sky, often for longer then during a real skydive! Make no assumptions though, indoor skydiving isn’t floating and it takes a lot of work to stay in the air. Posture has a lot to do with how high you can get, whether you manage to stay in the air or fall to the ground and whether you manage to stay in the same space or move around. There will be an instructor and a video you can watch first so that you learn what you need to. Then when trying it out for yourself the instructor will help you to gain the correct position before releasing you. The instructor will then give you signs such as to relax, straighten your legs, to move your arms into the correct position, to raise your head etc, so that you get the optimum of your experience without reaching the ground too many times. Often you can buy photros or a video of your experience afterwards to that you can remember you experience and just how hard it was!

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Posted Saturday, 14th May, 2011 by Anna Hardiman in category "Extreme Sports

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