August 6

Visit a Tailor

Why not in your lifetime have something made just for you. Pick your favourite material and colour decide what you would like, and be measured for it to fit perfectly. Then there’s just the wait while your clothing is made for you.

 The idea that this piece of clothing is made for you means not only that it flatters you, being fitted, but also that you are unique as no one else will have this, unlike mass produced items sold in shops. It also means if you are having an evening dress made, that you won’t have the embarrassment of showing up in the same dress as someone else!

July 24

Climbing and Abseiling

After all that effort climbing to great heights, there’s no better feeling them abseiling back down. It’s surprising how it takes so long to climb and is then only a few jumps to the ground. If you want to skip the climbing part there are sometimes options to just abseil after you’ve walked to the top. There is quite an adrenaline rush as you lean off the edge of the top but you’ll be proud you’ve managed to do it. Climbing and abseiling can also be done whatever the weather, when it’s sunny there are outdoor rocks and cliffs, if it’s raining there are always fake indoor rocks. It make seem scary but with all the ropes even if you panic and slip, a qualified climber will be with you holding the other end of that rope so you can catch you breath before carrying on again when you feel able to.

July 20

Look out for Notices with a Difference!

Wherever you are, why not look at the signs around you. You might be quite surprised by how clever and whitty some of them are. Others you could wonder how people came up with them!

“Do not give lighted cigarettes, pieces of glass and plastic, chewing gum etc to the animals”

“Do not tease the animals, teasing means to … poke the animals with a stick or umbrella”

“Caution, this sign has sharp edges”

So give it a go, and look more at signs wherever you are, let me know if you find some good ones!

July 11

Learn How to Play Pool/Billiards

Learning how to play pool/billiards and snooker is incredibly fun. It’s a great thing to play wherever there’s a pool/billiards or snooker table like bars and bowling alleys. It’s a great way to break the ice and start conversation with people especially those that are Pool/Billiardscompetitive! It’s also pretty quick to learn and grasp the rules and even asking people to teach you how to play is a good way to start a chat!

June 24

Write a Poem

Write a poem, it’s a great way to let out how you feel onto paper, and it will make you feel a lot better too! Whether declaring your feelings for someone, writing about an event or way of life, or getting out any bad feelings. It’s a great way for showing people what’s going through your mind at that present time. The poem doesn’t have to be serious it could also be a little rhyme to make someone laugh. So put that pen to paper and discover your creative side!

June 19

Learn about different Religions

In your lifetime why not see what different people believe and see their way of life, how they worship and their building of worship.

 It is interesting to see different ways of life that people live, and there are huge differences between different religious buildings such as Churches, Mosques and Hindu Temples, not just in the outside appearance but in the smaller details inside. So why not give it a try and observe for yourself religions different from your own…

June 12

Go To A Concert Or Festival In Another Country

This is definitely something to try in your lifetime.  A lot of people can say they’ve been to concerts or festivals in their own country but how many people do you know who have been to a concert or festival abroad? It would definitely be a start to an interesting conversation!

Brest 2008As well as hearing music you may not have heard before, you can be part of a totally different atmosphere. For example I went to Carhaix Festival in France surrounded by people speaking French and a completely different atmosphere to what it would be like in England. I also went to the boat festival in Brest that happens every 4 years with boats from all over the world and entertainment and stalls from many different parts of the world.

Next time you’re thinking of going on holiday look up any concerts and festivals in the country around that time and see what you think!

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May 29

See A Show In The Westend Or On Broadway

I live in a very remote part of England and seeing shows in London is a completely different experience. There is also so much choice so whatever you’re interested in there is something to suit you!

The Lion King is absolutely amazing, as is Les Miserables. Legally Blonde has recently appeared in the Westend as well as Sister Act and Wicked. Big shows that if you look carefully online you could get at decent prices! Also if you ever get a chance to see a show on Broadway, it would also be an amazing experience!

May 23


A brilliant sport to have a go at! In a swimming pool with two goals, one at each side, and very fetching headwear. The headwear is one of two colours, is so that it is easy to see who is on your team and who isn’t! The aim of the game is to simply get the most goals with the ball! There are lots of rules associated with the game, but you could also just try it for a bit of fun!

May 18

Have Your Palm Read

In your lifetime why not have your palm read by a professional, you really will find it very interesting! A lot can be told from our hands from our past and what we have been through to our personality and interests. In just one hour you will find out a lot! With some readings you may also take away prints of your hands and a recording of the session so that you can remember over time what was said. Sometimes in the moment it is a bit of info overload, but very enlightening!