January 23

Bungee Jump

Doing a bungee jump whether 160 foot or 300 is a very scary experience. With your harness attached and your feet strapped together you are lifted up in the crane. You are weighed a couple of times so that the correct bungee cord is attached. Watching over people jump you think it’s not too bad and it looks fun. But when told to jump from the top it doesn’t seem so easy! But when pushed by an instructor at the top and falling and bouncing it is fun! It’s like a ride in a theme park, its not so scary! Your head may hurt a little at the end but you will definately feel the adrenaline racing as you are safely place on the ground.

December 24

Live The Student Life


"Graduation"It’s such a worthwhile experience being a student, studying for a course you enjoy joining societies and sports so you can learn many new skills, or even volunteering like the Raising and Giving Society doing crazy things to raise money for charity. You can gain independence moving away from home and of course the graduation ceremony is a day you’ll never forget!

December 22

Fun in the Snow

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Seeing snow and making the most of it is something you have to do…snowball fights, walks through the snow admiring the scenery, making a snowman, even clearing the drive!

December 5

Help Santa With His Work

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"HelpChristmas is always a festive time of year particularly for children. So why not volunteer to help at a Christmas grotto. There are some places in the country that get funding for free Christmas Grottos so any help as well would be appreciated you could help serve tea and mince pies to the families, help wrap the gifts or dress up as elves or even polar bears to add to the experience for the children, and you’ll have a lot of fun as well!

December 3

The Romantic City of Paris

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"EiffelParis is one of those cities that everyone needs to visit. The view from the Eiffel Tower over Paris is beautiful, you can take romantic walks by the river, sample French Delicacies, cheese and wine/champagne. Don’t forget to visit Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe, as well as the Louvre to see famous art work including the Mona Lisa. If all of this isn’t enough, Paris also has Disneyland and Parc Asterix for the kids (or the inner kid in you)!

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November 28

Learn Another Language

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Learning a foreign language is a great skill to have so that when you’re in several different countries on holiday you can use that language to communicate, which adds to the culture of your holiday opposed to speaking your own language and expecting everyone in that country to also speak it. There are so many languages you can learn from French, Spanish and German to Italian, Russian and Cantonese. If you are interested there are many colleges that do evening courses in a variety of different languages, a couple of hours a week, it’s also easy to fit into a schedule!

November 23

Hold A Bird Of Prey

It’s quite an experience when out for the day with family and friends to see a bird show. Some of the birds of prey can do some very clever things distinguishing between different colours and different objects, finding items under cups and so on. During these shows often a member (or several members) of the audience will be asked if they are happy to either hold a stand or wear a glove for the bird to land on, for example an owl. Sometimes it will be coaxed with some food! To have a bird that close to you, you can really admire it’s beauty, and you can learn a lot too! Give it a go!

November 10

Go to a Ball or Prom

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Going to a ball or a prom is almost as fun as the time to get ready beforehand like picking the dress and finding a partner to go with! Then seeing all the effort your friends or relatives have made as well, the photos of the occasion, the food and dancing, will make this an unforgettable evening!

October 28

Volunteer in a School

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A lot of schools really appreciate volunteers to help in class, and helping children to read, spell and write brings a lot of fulfilment as well! It’s also quite an experience seeing how schools have changed since you had attended one, such as what they are learning about now.
Some schools still have nativity plays at Christmas and also need help getting all the children ready so that the nativity can start on time, so parent volunteers are always appreciated to help get the children ready for their performance!