March 10

The Hills Are Alive Thanks To The Sound Of Austria

The steps from The Sound of MusicAustria is such an amazing country and a must to visit. Many loved the film ‘The Sound of Music’ so why not go and see where it was set and go in search of those edelweiss flowers. As you can see, Salzburg is such a picturesque place to visit, you could see where Mozart is born, and there are many tours as well such as the the ice caves and the Kehlsteinhaus ‘Hitler’s Eagles Nest’. If a city isn’t so much to your taste then Zell am See is a lovely place in Austria next to a big lake with many activities one can do such as cycling around the lake, going on boat trips, taking the cable cars up the mountains and going for walks, or in winter skiing and snowboarding.

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Posted Wednesday, 10th March, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Travel

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