October 17

Volunteer to Assist on a Holiday

By volunteering to help on a holiday I mean helping the holiday makers to enjoy themselves on their break. The break can mean a lot to the holiday makers to escape their normal routine. The break can make a lot of difference to the families of the holiday makers as well.

Charities all over the place organise these holidays usually during the summer. Depending on the charity the children could be from disadvantages backgrounds, so the holiday can give them a chance to try new activities like horseriding and canoeing. The children could be disabled so your role as a volunteer would be as a carer for that child so that they are able to participate in activities. These holidays though depending on the charity can vary in the size of the group either small, such as 3 holiday makers, or big, such as  around 15 not including volunteers. Depending on the charity and the holiday, they can be also cater for all ages.

 One charity that I volunteered to assist on a holiday for was for deafblind adults. The activities were centered around what the holiday makers wanted to do, so if they wanted a lie in, to go swimming and have a relaxing day followed by a long bath, that’s just what they did! It’s a totally new experience but you get to know everyone in your group so well, and as well as the holidaymaker enjoying their holiday, you have an amazing and unforgetable time as well! I would really recommend it as a worthwhile way to spend a week during the summer!

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Posted Sunday, 17th October, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Volunteering

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