September 3

Send a Message in a Bottle

This doesn’t have to mean that you will be littering with a potential result of broken glass. Instead it could be a sentimental gift idea. You could fill the bottom of a bottle with beads, sand and shells or something that the recipient would like. You could then write a note, a love letter, a poem, or anything you fancy. For a bit of fun you could always write in ye olde language or make it a little piratey arrr! Make it look old such as with the use of wet tea bags, then roll it up so it looks like a  scroll. Add it to the bottle, then add the cork, or screw top. For a final touch you could add a label or a ribbon.

For another gift idea you could always make a mini message in a bottle which could be turned into a necklace!

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Posted Friday, 3rd September, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Just For Fun

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