May 25

Raise Money while trying to get Home!

Why not raise money for charity along with your friends and family for this one. In groups of 3 with at least one male, make sure there is at least two teams for there to be some competition! Get someone not in one of the teams to pick a destination, both teams need to be blindfolded and taken to the destination. When they arrive they need to make their own way back home without spending any money, so make sure they are in a different town to where they started with a fair distance to travel!

¬†Sponsorship could be raised as to which team gets back first or for each individual person to complete the challenge. Pick a charity the money will go to and they may be able to issue you with letters of authorisation so that while on your travels you could also raise money for charity at the same time, you could even dress up! Don’t forget to take some money with you just incase you can’t get back, and check in every few hours with people not in the teams so they can check where you are and that you are safe. At the end, there would be good cause for celebration!

Another alternative to this, is you could be sponsored to see how far you can get without spending any money, it had been known that some people have managed to get abroad without spending a penny!

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Posted Tuesday, 25th May, 2010 by Anna Hardiman in category "Volunteering

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